In July of 2018, SKM traveled to Texas to deliver 2 special memory
quilts. We also enjoyed meeting rescue heroes and donating sweet
treats to show our appreciation for all that they do and teddy bears
for them to share with children that they encounter in their rescue
missions. God truly worked out every detail for this trip, as He does
every time and it was full of blessings!
The first quilt delivered
was in memory of Tita
and her mom, who were
both killed in a tragic
accident. Jared, a family
friend accepted it for
Tita's family. Click
to see more pics of Tita's
Tita was a competition
cheerleader at Champion Cheer
in Southlake, TX. We met her
teammates and coaches to share
our story and let them see the
quilt we offered in her memory.
No surprise that we ran
into a giant teddy bear
on our way to meet
Tita's team!
Southlake Police Department
in Southlake, TX welcomed
us and our furry friends!
They agreed to share our
bears and prayers with the
kids they meet on the beat
The second quilt of our trip was in memory of 2 year old Sadie, who was lost in
a tragic accident much like our Sailor Kate's. It was a sweet experience to
meet Sadie's mom (Lindsey, who was surprised!) in person, along with her mom,
and deliver this treasure that we had assembled in Sadie's memory. Click
to see more pictures of Sadie's quilt.
We met these friendly Rescue Heroes
at South Montgomery Fire Dept. We
know this stop was in God's plan
because 3 of these guys actually
worked Sadie's accident. It was just
one more affirmation of God's amazing
plan for our journey, and for Sadie's
family, too because her brothers were
able to meet them, too.
Rescue Heroes at San
Antonio were also very
hospitable and agreed
to pass along some
furry friends for us!
The firefighters at
Ponderosa FD in Spring,
TX were awesome! They
took time to listen to
our story and then
accepted some bears to
pass along.
Thank you, Houston FD Tower
64, for making us welcome to
share God's love with the
kids you meet on your way.
We love our rescue heroes!
Austin FD Unit 10 gave us a big Texas welcome and
agreed to accept some furry friends from us to pass
along kindness and God's love. We are so blassed!