August 14, 1948 ~July 12, 2007

On a summer day in August 1948, a life began with an uncertain fate
The doctor said, sadly, there was nothing he could do.
He wasn’t the first one who wouldn’t have a clue
Of the mission God had for that baby boy,
The lives he would touch, and bring such joy.
We were always in awe of how much he knew,
There was really nothing that man couldn’t do!
God blessed him with talents that in turn, blessed us all.
He used them faithfully, whenever God called.
Adversity was fuel, he simply wouldn’t believe,
There was anything he dreamed that he couldn’t achieve.
In his house, he created and built each part,
In his family, he knew what was in each heart.
In medicine, his knowledge was so widespread
People trusted him, whatever he said.
He was a teacher; he could make so clear
The most complicated situation or greatest fear.
He could draw anything, to the delight
Of people he met, adults and children alike.
Next to faith, was his family, with such a strong bond
It included so many- you didn’t have to be a Yawn.
Betty was his partner, his best friend, his wife.
They created the Block, which he loved all his life.
Everyone is welcome and wherever you look around,
A smiley moustache is sure to be found!
He always wore suspenders and some kind of hat
Didn’t always match, but he didn’t know that!
Now Jesus has Daddy, and his mission here is done.
We have his memories and we’ll treasure each one.
My favorite thought is when I can just see
Sailor Kate laughing and bouncing on his knee!
That’s daddy.

Clif "Randy" Yawn
Poppy and Sailor Kate
Poppy was a blessing to all of us.Trauma, such as Sailor Kate's accident, takes its toll on even the
strongest people. Poppy was diagnosed with cancer the year following the accident and fought it hard
for 5 years. During that time, we all shared many good times and blessings, including the birth of 3 more
grandchildren for him, 5 weeks apart in 2002; Randi Chele (his namesake) and Luke; and then Tanner
in 2005. Poppy went to Heaven shortly before his last granddaughter, Isabella, was born in 2007.
Another grandson, Ty, came along in 2009.
Poppy used his chainsaw and artistic skills to
create many carvings. The Statue of Liberty,
which stands in McRae, was a community project
with several citizens involved. He was  
responsible  for her head and other parts which
were carved from wood and then coated for
"God can mend a broken heart, but we have to give Him all the pieces."
< Poppy built a beautiful gazebo in the exact spot
where the accident happened in his driveway. He
wanted to create something special in Sailor Kate's
memory. He hand-carved each part of this sweet
memorial and we surrounded it with flowers, most of
which were sent to her funeral.