This is big brother Rhett with some of the 250
plus bears that had been donated to Patrol
Programs at the time in 2001. These include the
14 dozen donated by Mr. Russ Berrie of the
Russ Corporation in Sailor's name. We have sent
bears all over the country! Each bear is tagged
with a special tag.
Pictured left is a Seraphim sculpture sent by the
mommies at Babycenter's November 99 board. These
mommies shared many milestones with Sailor as they
have babies born the same month she was.  This scene
depicting an angel reaching for a baby girl is perfect
for our situation and will always be a treasure.
This is another angel sent from a November 99 mommy.
This one is a birthstone bell that represents the old saying,
"Every time a bell rings an angel gets her wings."
Holly,  friend and playmate of Sailor, celebrated her
2nd birthday with a Teddy Bear Party in 2001. All of
her guests, also friends to Sailor, were asked to bring
a teddy bear to donate to the Teddy Bear Project in
memory of Sailor.
Members of the Telfair County High School Y-Club with Officer Lacey of the
Georgia State Patrol. The club members sponsored a highly successful "Teddy Bear
Drive" collecting dozens of teddy bears to donate to the Georgia State Patrol in
memory of Sailor Kate. Showing off some of the bears in the photo are Jo Ann
Bartlett, Mindy Bowen, Elizabeth Graves, Officer David Lacey, Anna Carpenter,
Jessica Dover, and Donnie Wooten.
"I will praise the Lord with all my heart. I will show forth all your marvelous works!"."
A quilt is made to offer  warmth and comfort during difficult times...
Miss Karlee Jones, contestant in many area beauty pageants,
has chosen the State Patrol Teddy Bear project as her platform.
Karlee speaks on the benefits of the program to children
involved in highway accidents and her personal involvement
because of Sailor Kate. Karlee is shown here after being
crowned winner of the 2002 Miss Wilcox County Forestry
This is a beautiful quilt that was crafted
by the mommies at BabyCenter's
August 99 board. Each mommy made
her special angel square and mailed it
to a central location where it was
sewn by hand and mailed to Sailor's
CLick here to see
close-up pics of the squares.
<This is a beautiful handmade quilt made by the mommies
of BabyCenter's June 2000 board. Each piece of fabric
was chosen for a special reason, prepared and mailed to a
location close to us where it was sewn by hand into this
precious memories quilt.
Click here to see close-ups of
the squares.
The August 99 mommies also sent a
quilt to Rhett. His quilt features pictures
of him and Sweetpea.
Click here to see
closer pics of this quilt.
Friends, Inc Youth Choir of McRae
United Methodist Church collected
and donated bears to St. Jude's
Children's Hospital on a summer
choir tour.
< This is the tag that is put on
each bear that we send out in
Sailor's memory.
Psalm 9:1