Telfair Regional
(Pics and Article)
This article was written by editor Kelley M. Arnold and was published in the Telfair Enterprise in August of 2003:

Wendy Lee paints an image of her daughter's hands and feet into a pink angel on the wall of room 104 at Telfair
Regional Hospital in McRae.   It is a labor of love, mixed with sadness and hope.  Sailor Kate Lee would have been
three this year.   She was killed in a tragic accident at 15 months old. The images were sent to Lee by the chaplain of
the Scottish Rites Hospital in Atlanta after Sailor died.  Lee and her family have shared their little girl's life and death
to bring comfort to others, as her recent project attests.  
"We wanted to do something for the kids when they came to the hospital", says Lee. "They didn't have a room
designated for children here. We thought it would be nice if they had a room with some personality and happiness in
it." The room is covered with an animal-themed mural, painted by Lee, her family and friends, and other supportive
members of the hospital and community who stopped by to chat and paint.  Height-measuring caterpillars climb
whimsical trees and Dr. Brian Siddall, a local physician pilots a red vintage plane, guarding over little patients. Clif
Yawn, Lee's father, designed the mural that now cheers the once stark room.  
"My daddy is the one who did all the drawing. God has blessed him with the talent. He just blessed me with the
enjoyment of it," Lee states. "It has taken us a while to be able to do this project. He really wanted to do this and we're
happy to finally be able to do this together. "
Lee also credits her close friend, Sherry Beasley, with much time, effort and dedication to the project.  In addition to
the mural, Lee has also started other remarkable awareness and donation programs in response to the community's
support after her daughter's death.  She heads a bear drive at the Telfair County High School, local churches and
Telfair County Middle School where she teaches gifted and exceptional students.  The stuffed teddy bears are
donated to Highway Patrol "Teddy Bears in Trunks" project and local police departments who give them to children
involved in accidents.       A silver jewelry charm was created by her great-aunt in her daughter's likeness, a baby
angel playing with a strand of pearls. The charms are sold and all the proceeds are placed in the account that
purchases the "to be donated" bears.  Lee's project and her daughter's story can be read on her web site She's currently trying to find a "sailor bear" to purchase or commission, en masse,
for future donations.  Lee also speaks at area churches. She says her faith has kept her and her family strong
throughout this time in their life.  "God, through (Sailor), has shown us where we need to be and what we are going to
do next."  Already the question of what's next has been answered.  Earlier this week, she was asked by the Helena
Baptist Church to paint a mural similar to the hospital's on their nursery room wall.  "It is amazing how Sailor and this
project has touched people," she adds.  Lee is married to Jonesy Lee of McRae. They have two children, Rhett, 7,
and their 11-month-old daughter, Randi Chele.
Murals were drawn by Sailor's
mommy and grandfather (Poppy)
and then painted by friends and
family who volunteered to join the
project. In the cloud (left) is the
signature angel made of Sailor's last
hand and footprints. Copies, then
sponges, were made of the prints sent
by the chaplain at Scottish Rites and
used to make an angel.
Artists in the Family:
Sailor Kate's
Parents: Wendy and Jonesy
Grandparents: Randy and Betty, Jimmy and June
Great Grandparents: Clifford and Gerry
Aunts and Uncles: Bo and Jill, Brandi and Rusty
Cousins: Brittany Lee, Deborah Long, Heather Scott, Christopher Fowler, Kim Fowler
Great Aunt: Catherine Fowler
Big Brother: Rhett
L'il Sister: Randi Chele
Cousins: Luke and Lanie
Artistic Friends:
Sherry Beasley
Holly Beasley
Lisa McCoy
Matt McCoy
Brittany McKinnon
Emily Bennett
Josh Payne
Diana Smith
Patti Rutherford
Patsy House
Fran Ray
Judy Harris
Kaydee and Kory Smith

Little Friends:
Holly Smith
T.C. Coleman
Claire Coleman
Abby Harrelson