Meet Bell!
and you will BELLieve, too!
We have known this brave princess since she
was born, because her mother (Melissa) has been
a friend of our family since middle school. Bell
was born with Cystic Fibrosis. She has fought this
disease with un
BELLievable courage and
endurance. She has been in and out of the
hospital all of her he hos In this picture, she
was in Pensacola, FL and was on her first Sailor
Kate mission to deliver teddy bears to all the
children in the hospital with her.  She is now 9
years old and and out in S. Louis, MO, where she
has survived two double lung transplants. As a
result of the second transplant, she has
developed a post-transplant cancer. She is still
bravely keeping up the fight and we are
BELLieving in the power of our prayers for her
healing and continued strength. We drove out to
visit her, loaded down with gifts and well-wishes
for Bell and her family, in July 2014 and we were
Lots of folks from home
helped us make a joke book
sure to bring BELLy laughs!
We delivered lots of
bears and prayers to
the children of St
Louis Children's
Hospital. We also
brought treats for the
nursing staff- we
appreciate nurses!
Rory (Bell's sister) and
Randi Chele (Sailor Kate's
sister) enjoyed sharing
some of the gifts we
brought from home!
Update: Our sweet Bell got her angel wings in the
summer of 2015. We will never forget her and
surely never stop BELLieving...