Be a ripple...bless and be blessed!
Be a part of the Sailor Kate Ministry. Help us share our
Jesus Christ with others, through her story as well as the
works He does in your life. Let's give Him the glory and
watch Him work divine miracles that only He can do.
  • Pray! (the single most powerful thing you can do
    for anyone!)
  • Decorate a quilt square- email me for more info
  • Donate a teddy bear for Sailor's Snuggles (contact
    me for where to send)
  • Conduct a teddy bear drive in your organization or
    area (contact me and I will send or bring you tags)
  • Tell us about a family you know that has lost a
    child and would like a memory quilt.
  • Tell us about children you know that could benefit
    from Sailor's Snuggles
  • Share Jesus Christ with someone through Sailor's
    story or call us- we will come and share our
    journey! Have faith, will travel- if we can get there,
    we will!
"Angel" Back Design:
Here is the charm and the picture
that comes with it. The artist
used this picture (made by
photographer Jacque Hardy) as a
model for the charm.  The artist
is Sailor's late great-great aunt,
Pat Yawn Lundberg.   Actual size
of the charm is about 1 inch.
Email me to order a charm.
Tshirts and charms are in the works
to be available again soon. Keep up
with us here and/or on Facebook for