"...For God loves a cheerful giver..."
2 Corinthians 9:7
Thank you, Fullington Academy FFA Club
for helping us share God's love through
bears and prayers! So many children will
be blessed from your kindness!
Rosie was the prize for our
very first Valenkind's Day
raffle. Children were
nominated by teachers,
friends or family members
if they had exhibited acts
of kindness. It was a
success and Rosie found a
new friend.
The Ladies of
Baptist Church
collected furry
friends for us.
May God bless
each one who
offered bears
and/or prayers!
Rylee Wright, the
reigning Miss
North Dakota
High, collected
furry friends for
our ministry. We
wish Rylee all the
best in her pageant
endeavors and
appreciate her
donations. May God
bless her in return!
Mrs. Scarlett Driggers
and North Dodge
Elementary School
teamed up to collect
furry friends in honor of
their very own 2nd
grader, Miss Clarissa
Abbott, who is fighting a
big battle against cancer.
May God bless Clarissa
with His complete
healing and all of the
contributors as well.