Bless and be blessed!
Thank you, Wayne
Memorial Hospital in
Jesup, GA for
agreeing to partner
with us in comforting
children through
furry friend hugs!
Shouting out a heartfelt Thanks to Wheeler County Middle School's Student
Council for donating so many furry friends! WCMS Student Council and their
awesome leader, Marsha Veal, always remember and support Sailor Kate
Ministry and we are so thankful. So many children will be blessed from the
kindness of these children and we know God has blessings in store for them in
return! #blessandbeblessed  #Luke6:36
Thank you! Stella and Liam, along
with their parents, donated 16 furry
friends to SKM in memory of their
baby brother, Everett and in honor
of the 16 days he was here with
them.  Stella and Liam are shown to
the right and Everett's cousin, Emily
is shown below with some of the
Thank you, Dodge
County Hospital ER, for
partnering with us to
share God's love through
furry friends!
Sailor Kate's dad
(Jonesy) and Uncle Si
from Duck Dynasty
share the same
birthday. We met Uncle
Si on their birthday,
April 27, at the
Pondtown Festival in
Rhine, GA and he
autographed some
Sailor Kate Ministry
teddy bear tags. We
plan to tag a couple of
camouflage teddy
bears and send them
out to a fan in need of a
bear hug. Thank you, Si