If we give Him the glory, He will continue the story...
Wheeler County Middle
Student Council!
For keeping the bears
and blessings coming!
We visited the Ryan House, a
pediatric Hospice, in Phoenix,
AZ in July 2016. It was quite an
experience to meet these
special children and present
them with teddy bears collected
by the Pearson family.
We also visited and donated
bears at the Ronald
McDonald House in
Phoenix. It is a beautiful
home away from home for
families of kids in the
hospital there.  We love how
each RMH reflects the
culture of the area and
makes itself unique.
We met the rescue heroes of
Tusayan Fire Dept. at the
Grand Canyon, AZ. We let
them know how much we
appreciate them by bringing
them treats and leaving
bears for the children they
will meet in emergency
situations. Thanks for all you
do, TFD!
This beautiful and unusual
picture of the Grand Canyon
came with a surprise. Can you
see the face that showed up in
the picture? Look right to the
left of this text box. :)
Finding good guys in
Tombstone, AZ is not
always easy but we did
it! It was a pleasure to
meet some of the
Tombstone Police
Dept.'s finest and leave
them some teddy bears.
Both Cedar Grove
Methodist and Alamo
Methodist were so
generous and
thoughtful as they
donated bears and
prayers AGAIN!
Thank you,
friends at
Goody's Dept
Store for
collecting teddy
bears for us
AGAIN this year!
We are so