2013- 2014

Beary Special!
In February of 2013, we visited
Wolfson Children's Hospital in
Jacksonville, Florida. We met lots
of kids and delivered bears,
prayers and smiles to each one!
here to see more pics of this
fabulous mission!
Return to Tennessee! In May of
2013, we visited Fellowship Baptist
Church in Bluff City, TN to share
our Sailor Kate story and donate
some bears collected by the
children of the Team Kid program.
Becky and Shane belong to this
church and we met them through
their beautiful angel Gabby last
summer. Click
here to see pics of
how we were blessed on this
awesome adventure!
In February of 2014 we visited
Wolfson Children's Hospital again
and delivered bears and prayers
to lots of children there. We were
as blessed as the children that we
met! We got nice feedback on our
newly created Facebook page from
this awesome trip! Click
here to
see more pics from this mission.
In July of 2014 we visited our little
friend Bell out in St. Louis,
Missouri. Bell has been a part of
Sailor Kate Ministry for most of her
years. Click
here to learn more
about Bell and
here to see pics of
our awesome Missouri adventure.
Please add sweet Bell to your
prayer list for healing and
continued strength!
In September of 2014, we
traveled to Thomaston, GA to
meet the kind people of
Northwoods Church of God and
share our story. It was truly a
On our way to Thomaston, we
detoured through Kingsland to be
blessed by hearing Nicole Mullen
in concert! God certainly speaks in
a mighty way through this talented
performer. It was exciting to meet
her and share SKM with her and
her crew. :)
Goody's Department Store in McRae
surprised us with a teddy bear drive in
December 2014. They sold and collected
these cute furry friends from generous
customers and donated them all to SKM.
Christmas spirit at its best!
Cedar Grove Methodist Church never forgets SKM!
What a generous and kind congregation to always
remember the children we serve, year after year.
A special thanks for your 2014 collection, CGMC!